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            • Room 919, Building 1, No. 399,
            • Shengxia Road, A-sun Hi-Tech
            • Park, Shanghai 201203 China.
            • Tel:+86-21-60319666
            • Fax:+86-21-60317639
            • E-mail:[email protected]
            • Web:www.nsos.tw

            Audit service

            Audit with us accompanied

            When you want to audit any manufacturer, we will send a qualified QA together with you. Our motto is “Only do the translation, never interfere auditor’s judgment”.


            Nuvit will send a qualified QA team to eliminate some unqualified supplier, all the audit progress will be strictly according to your requirements, also the audit report. By this way, you get your qualified supplier faster meanwhile saving your time and cost.

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