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            • Room 919, Building 1, No. 399,
            • Shengxia Road, A-sun Hi-Tech
            • Park, Shanghai 201203 China.
            • Tel:+86-21-60319666
            • Fax:+86-21-60317639
            • E-mail:[email protected]
            • Web:www.nsos.tw


            Shanghai Nuvit Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. , located in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park Shanghai. With lots of world famous pharmaceutical enterprises as our neighbours, Shanghai Nuvit is a comprehensive trading company and reputed distributor.

            Our trade spreads all over the world and covers various fields, which include feed and food additives, APIs, pharmaceutical intermediate, cosmetics and natural botanical extracts, biochemical drugs, biological enzymes etc. Our consultancy service includes warehousing, sample testing, supplier audit, technical support etc.

            With the continuous development of China's economy, Nuvit is making a figure in China import & export industry gradually based on its unique developing way, abundant capital, professional talents and efficient management.

            Copyright(C)2014,Shanghai Nuvit Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice

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